About US

They Say you have 7  to 10 seconds to get your message across to those you are trying to reach. Why not make it a positive one. Today more than every we need to know we are good enough, we are going to get through our rough spots, we matter and we are beautiful the way we are.

When you post your ad with us it we follow up with a positive message, end result, you put that good vibe out there and people notice. You have the option to create your own positive message or we can generate one for you.

Who we are

We are the Dog Pound, we are Cause4PawsPS, we are the guys on the golf cart with all the dogs Downtown Palm Springs.  We are the way to get your business noticed. A unique way of branding and marketing your business. We have lived in Palm Springs since 2006. We are just a married couple who love their dogs.

 We have a street ministry where we provide pet food to the homeless with pets and those living in abject poverty with pets. We put together kits that include a quart bag of dog or cat food, some soft or wet food and enough threats for 1 week. We hand them out at the local lunch service provided by The Well In The Desert on Mondays and Tuesday and then through out the week as we are downtown on the Golf cart and the need arises. Over the course of 2 years we have given away 5,000 + Buddy/Lucy bags (named for my late dog Buddy and a dear friends late cat Lucy)


How and why  we came to be

A few years ago we had senior dogs  BuddyBoi  and EltonJohn who were having a more difficult time getting around. We decided to buy our first golf cart to get them out and about. We and they enjoyed it so much we decided to purchase a new one that had a bit more power. We started taking it downtown Palm Springs. People started to recognize us as we would cruise up and down Palm and Indian Canyon. That was nice until the cops took noticed and said if we wanted to continue to ride downtown we had to get it licensed. So we did and continued to ride.

One night I was contemplating how my Husband and I could work together and still be with the dogs based on what our skill set was. It wasn’t coming to me. As a matter of fact the only thing I was getting was a headache from reading all the negative scary and crazy stuff going on in America right now. I went to bed that night and the question of what business would work for us loomed heavy. I had a dream that night of us on the golf cart riding downtown and we were waving at passer by and they at us. People stopping us to take a picture. This is what we were already doing. How did that translate into a business. I feel back to sleep and in the morning I thought to myself as I contemplated what we could do as a business with the dogs and the golf cart. Then I thought the Good News is I know I want to use the Golf Cart. I got on face book that morning and it was just more bad news. That was when it hit me. Why don’t we put the Good word out there and Take it on the road. It was all coming together a giant digital message board that focused on putting out the Good word(s) Businesses could use the board to broadcast their positive message that bring customers to their door and Individual could use the board to broadcast their positive message as well, As we drive up and down Palm Canyon, Indian Canyon, and Balardo the messages would be broadcast. It would be  about the Message .

Our focus is local for particle reasons and because that is geographically possible and it is where we want to focus our effort and attention. 


Our  Objective

Our Objective ultimately is to make sure our dogs are enjoying their time on the Golf Cart as we take care of business as well as provide a positive based Message platform for local businesses and individuals. We believe that with all that is going on in the USA and in the world a positive message can go a long way towards making a persons day better. People remember those bright spots in the day that made them smile, chuckle, dance, give a thumbs up  or a wave. It creates a little happy movie inside their head and that is a wonderful thing to help counter act all the negativity we are barraged by every day?

There is nothing we enjoy more than seeing smiling faces dancing to our music and getting a kick out of the dogs enjoying it so much. We believe that positive experiences like this make life so much better.

dogie paw print2.jpg