Dog Pound Biscuits Wholesome Tasty Treats for your dog

How place and pay for an order of Dog Pound Biscuits

To Order send and email with your name and shipping address and which pack(s) you wish to purchase and quanity of packs to: An email link will be sent to you that will confirm your order and order total with a links to allow you to pay via PayPal or Venmo. Once payment has been recieved order will be made and shipped.

Payment Options

For Venmo Users log into Venmo and search for Dog Pound Marketing


For PayPal go to log into pay pal. To find us, use the email address


 Variety Pack​ 1

3 Savory Biscuits

3 Oatmeal Biscuits with Ginger

3 Fruit or Vegatable Biscuits with       Ginger.

15 Training Biscuits

$12.00 ea.


 Variety Pack​ 2

2 Savory Biscuits

2 Oatmeal Biscuits with Ginger

2 Fruit or Vegatable Biscuits with       Ginger.

10 Training Biscuits

$9.00 ea.

What goes into Dog Pound Biscuits?

Flour, rice flour, whole wheat flour

Whole Oats

whole eggs

Fresh Bananas

Cooked Sweet Potato

Grated Carrots

Grated Ginger Root

Pure and simple Ingredients to keep your Dog healthy Pure  and Simple.

Training Biscuits.jpg

30 training Biscuts

$8.00 pk.

Three Large Biscuits.jpg

3 Large Biscuits for $5.00

Chose between Savory Beef, Sweet Potato Ginger, Apple Ginger, Banana Oatmeal and Ginger and Carrot or you can chose any three.