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Bloom In The Desert Ministries

Bloom is a social minded church that believes in total inclusiveness. There motto is “We welcome all who welcome all” Bloom



 I serve lunches to the Homeless on Mondays and Tuesdays here in Palm Springs through “The Well in the Desert:” I noticed right away that these people were giving or sharing their meals with their pets. It wasn’t good for the person or pet. I went to my congregation and informed them that I would be putting pet kits together for the homeless and those living in abject poverty. They said how can we be a part of this and I showed them. (We provide pet food kits that include a quart of dry food, some soft or wet food and enough treats for seven days or more. We hand them out at lunch on Monday’s and Tuesday’s and on the streets as the need arises when we are down town on the Golf Cart.

I then contacted an organization  (Pet of the Homeless)  as my sister had seen a news story on them and thought they could help. I contacted them and listened to what they had to say and was very impressed with what they were doing. As long as I could get a Vet to provide his services they would pay for the materials needed to sponsor a pet wellness clinic. So I decided the best way to get a doctor to volunteer is to raise money to pay for the Vet etch who’d they’d have to bring along. The other thing that was important to me  was to be able to establish a pet food pantry so those in this population have a regular source and place to go to. So it was to this end I started the Go Fund me page so that we could get this off the ground and help support the street ministry we are already providing. Donations and be made here Cause4PawsPS